Thursday, November 8, 2012

We were wrong about bonds (as of right now) as the 30 year crossed 150

4 hour ZB_F (click for larger) notice break out
The bond flow is unstoppable. It seemed the flow had relented last week after the final day of october following the sandy crisis came and went..., nonetheless flows have picked back up following the foregone conclusion Tuesday.

The S&P 500 dropped another 1.10 percent today as bonds rallied higher into the close of regular trading. Either this is a blow off top or we are going to see 1350 before we know it, as easy as tomorrow if 1370 does not hold. The futures as of this writing are nearly unchanged with the aud/jpy still feeling heavy.

 --- reverse the steps we took to get up to 1450 to find your way to the bottom.....  1300 has many intersecting long term trend lines thus fortifying the foundation of the level.

Daily ZB_F - over the 150'33 level the 2012 high.. will surely push the
equity indexed onto their backs