Sunday, October 31, 2010

Late Evening S&P Futures Update (SPY)

 Well what do you know more bullshit this evening. S&P futures are up 8.75 handles on nothing but mouse farts and currency wars. Typical horse shit ahead of arguably the biggest week in trading since November of 2009 when Hussein was elected.

Beyond the standard futures ramping tonight we had a speculative Bank of Japan intervention in the USD/JPY pair as ZeroHedge so eloquently put it, "is the worst money spent by a central bank in the history of Keynesianism, with a half life of less than 30 minutes"

How are all you forex traders doing now with your stop limits and trend following robots? probably not so

Friday, October 29, 2010

Potash Talked With At least 15 Firms (POT)

A report from the Globe Mail say's Potash (NYSE: POT) has been in talks with as many as 15 bidding firms regarding their hostile 38Bil$ takeover bid from BHP (NYSE: BHP). Potash shares are higher by 3% today to 145.95 on above average volume of nearly 9 million shares. Potash believes their enterprise is worth more than  BHPs offer, which is working on a counter offer.

This merger has moved Potash (NYSE: POT) stock substantially higher the

Dallas' Newy is the City's Newest Star