Monday, February 28, 2011

Gold and Dollar Are Coiled Tonight (GLD)

all 1 min 

Potential Reversal Setting Up in Crude. 1 min time frame

1 min CL_F

the 97 level remains sticky.. 

Crude Chart Im Watching Into The Later evening

Will selling come back into the crude market tonight? the 97 has been breached..
1 min CL_F

Oil Could Go Under 90 & Maintain It's Bullish Trend

Notice the uptrend holding clear under 90 out clear into early May. If Libya cools down we could see a quick 7-9 point profit taking run, if not we go over 105.

Refer back to my prior chart this morning highlighting a weekly chart break out.

If Mid East Tensions Ease, Will Crude Hold 97? (USO)

I feel if the tensions keep up in the mid east and specifically Libya we could see 105 a bbl oil very quickly.. If they easy 97 will go first followed by 96 and then followed 95. Oil overshoots at the top and will overshoot at the bottom.. Think Post 2008 147$ oil,, we went under 40 a bbl...

15 min CL_F 

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Crude Oil Weekly Chart Break Out (CXI)

weekly crude oil

NOtice the clear break out.. 

A Oil Chart I Might Just Be Watching

1 min CL 

Wold Tensions Driving Crude Oil Higher (USO)

CRUDE 30 min
105 in sight?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Apple Two Day 1 Min Chart (AAPL)

Notice the declining volume bars at the bottom of the chart, different price action then yesterday....
AAPL 1 min
340 breach then test the 50 day around 338ish?

CRUDE 15 Min Showing Surge to over 103.40 ON Libya Demonstrations

CL_F 15 min


CRUDE 5 min over 100 a bbl

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Crude Chart i am watching Into The AM (USO)

CL_F 5 min

A Quick Look At Oil Field Fires (USO)

MIG engines at beginning.... then fast forward to minute marker 5:00....

The Apple Chart i am watching.. The "batwing" (AAPL)

AAPL 1 min batwing

interesting indeed.. not a real formation but kinda worth a look... i am watch 339 on the downside and 343 on upside..

The Nasdaq Chart To Keep Your Eyes On (NDX)

Nasdaq 1 min

we could pop up and drift into the late session ... 

Apple Chart I am Watching for A break Out (AAPL)

Below is an update to the previous apple chart in this post.. showing continuation and break higher out of pennant...

below is original chart...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Will The Nasdaq 2320 Level Hold? (QQQQ)

Nasdaq 5 min

What do you think after this holiday weekend filled with the interesting mid east/north African events? Weird coincidence with the last market holiday right?....  MLK day the Egypt tensions started and Libya started Presidents day weekend....

I would have love to of traded Monday with a cash market open and crude oil surging 6% but the market gods did not  shine down on me.. Though they did today as we came to find out..

The Spoos ended the day down over 28 handles the most it has traded down in months in a single day... The real story was over in the nasdaq, off 2.75% nearly 75 grueling handles down weighted down by APPLE, GOOG and AMZN weakness.  Looks like the Libya tensions were an excuse to take profits in

Zimmer Holdings Vol Bet Placed (ZMH)

ZMH 5 min

Interesting bet placed in Zimmer Holdings.. ZMH... a trader sold 35k out of the money calls for 80c in the 65 march calls... A few minutes later the trader hedged his trade buying up 1.1 mil shares... This had to of been a pre-arranged trade no way their were 1.1 mil shares offered at the price... Someone with a bio tech book took this trade on... 

I have seen commercials on TV talking about a ZMH knee replacement class action suit... I am not saying this is related.. though the trade is hedged, he will probably sell some stock as it comes in... this is a trade to watch. 

VIX Sonar Report: Front Month March (VIX)

via @optionmonster

Apple Chart I am Watching Into The Afternoon (AAPL)

watch the 340 level as support.. IF apple trade below and holds, could be a good short signal IF and only if the market is at apples back.

APPLE 5 min

NO IDEA What this Nasdaq Trend is.. but Take a look (NDX)

NQ_F 5 in
watch the 2347 level... the up trend line is holding so far, but that give back from 2365 was a hell of a move... clearly there are sellers, they are just picking their spots... stay on your toes..

NASDAQ Destroyed Off the OPEN (QQQQ)

Take a look at this 1 min chart..

The Nasdaq Chart I am Watching Into The Open (NDX)

Nasdaq futures 5 min

Monday, February 21, 2011

Crude Chart I am Watching Into The AM (USO)

April crude over 98...

Updated chart showing break out...
5 min..
Pervious chart below
5 min Crude April contract
where will she go? all depends on the dollar and libya.. watch 96 for overnight support...

US Dollar spikes on Open over 77.90 (UUP)

DX 1 min

This Presidents Day Evening Crude Session Theme Song Presented By Midnight Oil

Fill er' up....the time has come..

STEEEP.. 5 Min Chart In The S&P500 This Evening (SPY)

5 min ES_F
watch the 1327 level closely... Below take be a whole bunch of stops sitting to get ran on.. Cheers. Watch your gold and you crude.. and keep al jazeera on

NasdaQ Chart I Am Watching Into The Evening (NDX)

HIGHEST CRUDE printed since end of 2008 93.50 ..

UPDATE: CRude spiked to 93.75 ......

5 min crude.

HIGHS!!!!!!!!!!!! INFLATION>>> 

Crude Oil Pushing T0 92... (USO)

Crude 1 min..
the race to 92.. was met.. 

Gold Going Over 1400 Next Few Hours (GLD)

Gold 5 min..

1400 here we come? 

NASDAQ Chart I Am Watching Into The Morning (QQQQ)

UPdated nasdaq chart with upside break out..
Nasdaq 5 min

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Libya & Bahrain Sending Crude Higher (USO)

Update.. welcome to monday night.... Crude playing with fire... 
ES_F 15 min...

Orignal post...
Welcome to Sunday night... Crude futures are up over 2%... Watch the 91.50 level for support, if it breaks a test of 91 could be in order...over 91.70 could put 92 in sights before the AM.. 

Friday, February 18, 2011

Snapshot of Apple trades.. All technical based. (AAPL)

A quick snapshot of what i did today...i bot the 355s after i posted this chart  this morning..

Boring OPEX.. Here is Some Britney Spears.. She ain't 19 No more

Apple Chart Going Into The Afternoon (AAPL)

AAPL 1 min
Notice the 352 level was cut with a knife..
AAPL 1 min

Apple Chart Update: Follow Through (AAPL)

AAPL  1 min
355 taken out 354 taken out.. next level 350 .. .

The Apple Chart I Am Watching Into The Mid Morning (AAPL)

AAPL 1 min
Descending triangle.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

UPDATED: This Dollar Chart Scares A Dollar Bull Like Myself (DXY)

New DX 1 hr chart
As you notice the DX did break down as i pointed out last night night... below the 78 level.. WE are trading at the 77.74 level currently...

1 Hr DX

Two Charts I am Watching Into The AM: DOLLAR & SPOOS (SPY)

Spoos 5 min .. 
1340 is the high so far... we are marching towards with authority into the night..... watch 1338 for support, below will be a quick move to 1336-1335.

The chart below is the Dollar. The 78 level is the line in sand, below will send equities and gold higher on as inflation geared correlation algo's churn away.. The macro global asset tug of war continues.

The S&P 500 Trust: 1 Year, 1 Month & 7 Days Later (SPY)

2nd Rough update
The above chart is a rough update to a chart originally annotated 1 year 1 month and 7 days earlier..
Below, updated chart followed by original chart.

SunPower Pushes Higher After EPS (SPWRA)

SPWRA 15min

I mentioned a buyer showing up earlier this week.. and some basic technical analysis.. and EPS..

FY11 EPS $2.00-$2.20 vs. $1.87Sees 
FY11 revenue $2.8B-$2.95B vs. $2.77B

Q4 EPS $1.36 vs. $1.05
Q4 revenue $937.1M vs. $931.4M

Gold Chart I am Watching Into The Close (GLD)

Gold 1 min
Up up and away all day... over the 1385 level could mean buy stops up to 1400...This becomes even more likely if the DX gives up the 78 level.


Updated Apple Chart From Earlier: Still Brewing (AAPL)

APPL 5 min
358 and the 360 spread getting tighter....

Netflix Poised To Make Move. But Where? (NFLX)

NFLX 30 min
Notice the large formation and pennant .... The 217 level is clearly a sticky level, right in the middle of the apex...... notice the volume spike into the highs, though take into account the profit taking into selling after 247.55 was reached.....You be the judge.

Oh and by the way 1339 traded on the S&Ps..

VIX Sonar Report: Playing The 15-21 Band (VIX)

viA @optionmonster

The Apple Chart I Am Watching Into The Afternoon (AAPL)

AAPL 5 min

Watch the chart as the price moves towards the apex.... 360 and 358 i am watching above and below for movement..

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

SunPower: Updated Chart up 4% From Yesterday (SPWRA)

SPWRA 5 min.. 
I mentioned yesterday an ascending triangle... as you can she broke to the upside... I also tweeted   volume spiking... just some freebies .. base hits .. you know... AZO also i mentioned tuesday she closed strong.. subsequently she ran 5 points on the open.

Watch apple at 360 tomorrow.. a breach could trigger stops.. Apple is 20% of the NDX 100..

Was 1336 ES_F the top? ... or is tonight a great BTFD opportunity...

AZO 1 min

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