Thursday, March 31, 2011

NDX 100 Trend Today Is A NO TREND (QQQ)

What the hell is this?
NDX 1 min

THE APPLE 1 min FLAG You MUST Be watching (AAPL)


Interesting price action in crude morning sending the price to near the highs of front month contract... 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The S&P's & NDX Trading On Highs After Hours (SPY)

ES_F 1 min
 NDX trading 2324.75 ES_F trading 1317.25

Another interesting trade today... The index's were bid today after they ran all the sell stops off the open, piece of cake right? Yeah i know it is much easier to talk about price action then to trade it.....but if you are trading what you see and not what you think you would have realized the price action this morning was turning bullish after we kissed 1300.25 and failed to make a new low.

Once the new low failed we got a nice buy program which jerked the bid chasers up to 1308, a second pushed us to 1311.75... The stair step pattern was in full affect today, you cannot fight the QE3 front running hedge funds taking up positions ahead of quarter 2 ....We are back in the "high beta madness" game... Though on the contrary Apple traded rather lethargic once again today... Apple moved into the green at the close as a nearly 500 million dollar buy imbalance came over the tape sending the spoos and ndx racing to highs...

TopNotch Inverse Relationship between 30-year Bond and S&P Futures Continues (SPY)

SolarWinds Great Example Of a Break Out (SWI)

Ascending triangle break out. Note..

Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekly S&P500 Monthly Chart Worth Digesting (SPX)

I draw the lines... You Draw your own conclusions... The 1300 level is upon us in the ES_F....

Apple Trading Lethargic as The Nasdaq Weakens (AAPL)

UPDATED APPLE 1 min.. ------ My weakening thesis was correct....
aapl 1 min
Today is shaping up to be another snoozer with a few individual names acting out.. The index's are doing nothing but chopping around back and filling...

The NASDAQ is leading the show today with it's weakness, lets see how the afternoon shapes up.. i would not be surprised if we trade back up to near highs and chop around flat..  One decent sized program pushed us higher this morning, a lack of volume combined with a tired and overbought market on the 30 min frame bought us back down...
ORignal chart below.

Friday, March 25, 2011


What a piece of shit this market has been this week? Last week looked like hell had frozen over and nuclear holocaust was on the horizon... This week all problems have been solved.. Nothing a billion dollars in fresh crisp dollars cant solve... Take a look at the nasdaq 5min chart below..... un-tradable trend... Interesting anomaly is the W pattern the NDX had yesterday off the open when finalized in a massive buy program taking us to highs... what happened today? a W pattern and a buy program taking us to highs....
NQ_F 5 min

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Crude Oil Consolidating This Evening (USO)

CL_F 1 min
Interesting trading pattern forming on the 1 min... looking like it could go anywhere off the 105.40 level....ORIGINAL chart below.


SPOOS and NDX spike.. 
If you were not at you screen you missed a massive candle in the NDX and ES_F... looks like someone or some entity put massive amounts of money to work in the futures... Someone is clearly onto something, the market has been acting weird this entire week, specifically today..

When i say weird, i mean bat shit crazy correlation(s) and correlation break downs, ridiculous exaggerated moves up/down and the 50 or so buy programs which have gone off this week... check zerohedge for a interesting NOTE.

MolCorp 1 Min.. Triangles and Trends (MCP)

MCP 1 min

Very Similar S&P500 5 min Yesterday & Today (SPY)

Inverse head and shoulders.... buy it up.. problems solved.. no but really the trend is interesting today.. looks like we head higher into the close if we keep getting more bad news LOL.
ES_F  5 min

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

NDX Chart update: The 2262/2250 Channel Played Nicely (QQQQ)

I posted a chart earlier this afternoon highlight the 2250/2262 channel in the NDX which has been in place for most of this week.. I suspected if the price broke over 2260-2262 buyers would come in or sellers under 2250.. The bulls prevailed, they took the NDX clear up to 2274 after the 2260 breached triggered a buy program resulting in a 10 handle 5 min candle..

Index futures are quiet tonight.. I will be watching Crude downside as the dollar firms up in the face of European and specifically Portugal's crisis... Gold also showing hints it wants 1500, the sleeping giant.

Watch For Crude To Break Down Tonight (USO)CL

Crude is trading tighter and tighter to the 105.40 level after the push over 106 this afternoon.. As i have been hinting long crude is the easiest way to trade this commodity in the face of multiple continent stability issues..

Keep your stops tight if you are not micro managing like myself if you are buying off the 105.40 level... I feel if the level goes we could see 104.50 easily...

This evening i saw a heading states increased gasoline demand was the reason why the markets rallied today... that i my mind is total cop out by the mainstream media who still refuses to accept what is driving our markets, and it not fundamentals... Economists are not the ones you need to be listening to... listen to those who trade this tape every day.. we are the ones who are embedded within the tape day in an day out...

CL_F 5 min

Watch The 2262 / 2250 Channel in the NDX (QQQQ)

These levels have been providing a ping pong court for the nasdaq the past few days... a move above or below could make for good scalping opps in the direction of the break out.

NDX 5 min

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Very Similar Goldman Sachs 5 min Chart (GS)

Notice yesterday's and Today's trends.. very similar with a downward skew..... Watch the 160 level tomorrow on the downside for support.. below could move quick.. The financials are acting a bit odd last few sessions after all the divvy announcements. chart below
GS 5 min

Bullish Crude Tonight ... (USO)

SPOOS and NDX trading down a bit as the DX_F gapped up on the open which i suspect is in relation to the European debt crisis' headlines heating up. 
CL_F 5min

VIX Sonar Report: Ratio call spread swap (VXX)

Via and

Monday, March 21, 2011

Nasdaq 5 Min Chart You Should Watch Into The AM (QQQQ)

2252 has been breached to the downside.. watch 2250 for some stickyness..

The Bubblin' Crude Oil.. Libya & The Fleecing Of America (FAZ)

5 min CL_F
Quite the headline filled day would you say?...all this on a day where the volume had a case of the Monday's..

First - We have the AT&T/T-Mobile M&A deal (dumb IMO, anti competitive)
Second - The Citigroup announcement they are reverse splitting their shares 1 for 10
Third -
Fourth - Market rallied in the face of nothing

My thoughts on the Citigroup reverse split... "fleecing".... the stock is under 5 bucks because
A. Citi fucked up the past 10 years
B. Citi diluted the piss out of their share structure.. Again the fault lies in point A.
C. Many option firms base their strategy on exploiting the large volume in Citi options, NOT good for option volumes and market volume as a whole.. C volume will drop from 500-1bil to less then 50 or so million shares a day.
D. On a positive note, HF trading gets kicked in the nuts. Today volume was very low on the index's and C. Stock was off heavily... Foreshadowing?

This market is back up to it's wonky correlated low volume slide of hand trends... The futures were bid

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The consolidation pattern has broken down.. though remember this market is still unsure and very volatile. ORIGINAL CHART BELOW..

INTERESTING Goldman Sachs 5 Minute Chart (C)

C and GS both failing amidst the jubilance all world problems were sold last night.
$GS 5 mn

Mr Top Step: Volatility and Mutual Fund Monday (SPY)

Nasdaq 1 Min Rising Channel Forming (QQQQ)

Interesting bullish price action today across the index's have me a little concerned though.. this is a market where you trade what you see not what you think.....Take a look at the chart below...
NDX 100 - 1 min 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

NASDAQ 100 30 min Chart - (NDX)

Notice the the resistance of 2333.

Al Manara Reporting - Khamis Gaddafi has Died

As a result of burns... @ had posted a tweet ....


Larger time from CL_F chart.. notice extension out of the upper channel
Hello TOMAHAWK(s) .... 124 blasted so far..
CRUDE 1 min

Saturday, March 19, 2011



Operation "Odyssey Dawn"- Saturday Afternoon Inspirational Music (outkast)

FRENCH Figher Plane Crashing Saturday afternoon
The bombing of LIBYA has started...
Inspirational video below...


Looks like the French were the first to step up their game by firing up their fighter jets...Their are reports French jets have fired on military vehicles.  CNN is reporting the multi country security force is committed to "restoring peace to the civilians of Libya" ..

What i find interesting is Libya could be another IRAQ type scenario setting up, who knows how far the uprising could escalate. Another uprising all over oil..One interesting aspect of Libya's uprising is they do have AIR support... the US has not fought a country in decades who actually have a air force....