Thursday, June 30, 2011

Nasdaq Broadening in Price on 1 min chart (QQQ)

Interesting formation as we approach the end of the regular session...
NQ_F 5 min

Apple 5 Min Chart Today Looking Tired (AAPL)

Lethargic trading in the NDX putting the breaks on Apple's run? 335 support, needs to get below 334.80 to break down ..

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Balmer Out at Microsoft ? (MSFT)

UPDATE: looks like this article on a patent ruling might have been the trigger. 
Odd price action at the close.. nothing confirmed but this has been speculation for sometime.. about 10m shares changed hands last few minutes of session..

I don't Care Which Way It Is Blowing (SPY)

You'll still be pissing in the wind.....

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Market Is Imminent - Crude & S&P500 (SPX)

Looks to me like the NDX wants to prove the 2300 level as ES attempts to take 1300 home from the bar with him...without this petroleum reserve malarky, oil would be right there with the NDX... S&P today was dragged down by energy names... bottom line we need 85-100$ a BBL oil to keep the 'economy' growing haha.. well i mean to keep XOM over 77.

Post Close Correlations (SPY)

The chart below shows crude wanting over 92 and dollar to break down below day lows. ES coiled as well. Thanks Greece, ha yeah right.. Please dont believe it was value and dip buyers who moved the NDX 51 handles off lows today on Greece anticipation. WE got bigger problems.
1 min

Possibly Head & Shoulders in the ES Post Greece Austerity? (SPY)

You be the judge, i am merely the narrator.
1 min

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Post Bernanke Speech Nasdaq Price Action (NDX)

15 min notice white rectangle
1 min NDX

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

NDX 1 min flag this afternoon (NDX)

1 min
Break to new highs.. or the 40 handle NDX rule come into play?

Monday, June 20, 2011

Sam Cooke - Twistin' the Night Away (DXY)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Weekly Look At The Nasdaq 100 (SPX)

Good evening traders, what is up? Im sure many of you are asking yourselves what on earth happened today and why is the  media not telling me the whole story. Well if you were accustomed to listening to to paul harvey i got the rest of the story after the break ...

The answer is dollar bulls are swimming in this market, whether they are covering shorts, getting long or hedging positions they are here. This dollar carry trade has been unraveling for quite sometime even though the thesis behind the trade still resides.

Theme Song Of Today - Slip Sliding Away (SPX)

Thanks Paul

VIX SOARED as the INDEX's went bid-less This AFternoon (VXX)

from under 21 to over 24.. + 14%
5 min vix

Dollar Broke 76 resistance Tonight (UUP)

5 min
Fairly quiet night today after the interesting move we had today... until the dollar through 76 resistance.. Again the pressure is on crude and index futures. The Spoos levels of note are 1260 and 1255, these levels i am sure have sell stops below them.  The dollar feels like it wants to test 76.50 as the world expresses interest in the dollar again, if this level is tagged 1255s will have a lot of pressure on them.

Keep and eye on the correlations tonight as they tell as story... trade what you see. Expect the unexpected as the Greece crap oozes.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Buy Em To Sell EM, Sell Em To Buy Em (SPX)

I am going to make this quick as i have to travel back to the motherland this afternoon.. First lets give a round of applause to our president, second lets talk dollar. As Greece approaches end game those who still have not covered their dollar shorts are racing for cover today.

Last night i posted a very simple chart highlighting a peculiarly large buy in DX futures at 22:04hrs (399 contracts), normally at this time of the night volume is around 10-20 contracts a minute. Also

Dollar Upside Break Out .. (UUP)

We have a break out.. refer to my previous post for time stamp and what not..
1 min DX

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Interesting Decrescendo as DX Makes Highs Tonight (UUP)

UPDATE: BUYER of approx. 800 DX contracts last 15 min nearly identical order sizes pushing DX to highs of 74.953
Larger 5 min frame

5 Min Chart SPOOS Chart Update (SPY)

As you can see the trend from last night has continued into today with little resistance from sellers..Today is a reactionary move after 6 weeks of downtrending, you know how the phrase goes; "no volume = melt up".

Anyway, you can see from the chart below after the ES fell down to 1265.25 a slew of buyer orders ripped down the offers, cough china, sending the spoos nearly vertical for a few minutes easily trading 10 handles higher. Reminds me of a butterfly, though they only fly well in air with little breeze. They do not fly well when a blast of wind comes in they must run for cover. The SPOO trades this way as well, it works great

Monday, June 13, 2011

Upside Break Out Tonight As ES Makes AH highs (SPX)

Correlated wedge break out to the upside with the 1274 level being upside resistance tonight.. we cleared the high of the previous session of 1271.75. The dollar is rather muted tonight, worth noting..
BUY stops over 1275

Inverted H&S Example in the ES Today (SPX)

Very typical Monday trading, choppy with a case of spikes (up & down). Take a look at the chart below, clearly a inverted H&S played out beautifully in the SPOOS taking us down to 1259ish for the head and 1269.75 to complete the right shoulder extension.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Upcoming POMO Schedule (FAZ)

$600B$ Purchase program concludes June 30, 2011. Is this the day that will live in infamy? 

Just Like Cramer Taught Us (SPY)

Apple Oscillating in Decrescendo (AAPL)

updated: The result:
1 min break down


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tight Correlations Tonight

Setting up for another interesting day tomorrow..

Monday, June 6, 2011

BREAK down

Friday, June 3, 2011

Crude and Nasdaq Correlation update (USO)

I posted last night these same charts, the chart below is updated showing continuation and break down post jobs...

Correlations This Morning.. triangles/wedges (SPY)

Nice looking formations tonight ... a break out either up or down is imminent.. NFP number tomorrow is going to be the catalyst.
5 min's

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