Friday, April 27, 2012

PRE US open S&P 500 charts

6E - notice the reaction off 3.16 ... not mom and pop. ----- watch the Japanese yen ... flat fter steep losses
ES 5 min 
---Europe rose like the phoenix... get up FIJI.  1397's bid after the 87.25's were probed... bonds off highs.... COPPER retraced its early losses... asia firmed. All eyes on Q1 GDP @ 8:30 am ET.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Post Spain Downgrade S&P 500 chart

still over the up trend at 1393.50-94.. though not by much..below we fall to 1390, the afternoon break out level...
1 min ES Chart update -

long signal over 740 trigger with AH prints over 740.. 774 highs to possibly be tested if this breakout holds...
1 hour PCLN 

Sexy chart of the day -

15 min goog
broke out over 610.. tested 610 .. held.. took off.. now set for 620 + .. the apple/goog trade still working.

Thursday mid morning market musings

  1 min ES .. 
A mixed open has resulted in a mixed cash session with the ES hanging onto the 1388 level with 1385 being support and 1282 the lower support level.. below we could see 1378 easily.. above 1388 1390-95 in store..

The euro is perking up a bit after the currency made a 3 week high against the dollar in early morning hours.. because of this we saw crude oil spike to near 105.. which was my target from last night in the trade for forum.. come by, it is free.

Gold and silver are bid as well... copper strength overnight was possibly due to strength in the Asian exchanges.. if anything you coud have used this information to formulate a future opinion on the the US commodity session.

30 min CL - notice the 105 level... if taken out........ 105.50 
.. support 104.2-50

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My thoughts at this exact 10 seconds

The markets are fairly quiet with a slight bullish skew as the DX moves lower and the nasdaq inches higher into 2710...... the 2700 - 2725 channel is important.. wait for a signal break out or down...

tomorrow the ES will probably be within the box 
ES seems as if it wants 1390 just because who else is counting? .. euro remains over support over 1.322...

Post Pinch ES and NQ charts - momentum

makes lemonade when the charts are pointing higher... anyway the ES pinch @ 1375 paid you 11 handle into 1386.25's.. the pinch in NQ @ 2690 paid 10 handles into 2705. keep it simple.
15 min ES
15 min NQ
Expect a breather into the afternoon.. and a slow grind.. with profit taking coming into the last hour of the day... plus FOMC announcement at 12:30 pm ET will also inject volatility.

Pinch your way to's

The 1377 level gave way into a conversion of 1380.. highlighted in chart below is the pinch point at 1375.50. Support remains 1375. (blue line)

Though the real story is in the NQ which needs to get over 2690 to covert 2700... 2725 will signal a reversal in my opinion.. machines are watching.. they love day's like today.
5 min ES
Join us in if you are looking sellput's typical twitter commentary...
30 min NQ - notice the red line overhead bet the price may pinch over this level...the question is will it hold?

1380's trade as FTSE rallies half a percent

previous post highlighting a trade opportunity into 1380 from 1377 or so -

FTSE 100 up nicely.... Euro looking for a break over 1.3232.. 1380 ES traded on way to 1385.. NQ is the real story.. up 50 handles from Tuesday close... 2680's on deck. take profits when you can..
5 min ES
5 min NQ futures.. the large candle on left is Apple EPS release.

Tuesday Evening S&P 500 look

5 min ES 
Euro bidding with a target of 1.3232 this morning.. over will squeeze some lemonade out of this bitter pile of rinds.  watch for 1380 to trade..
- currently in forum 
15 min 6E

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Post Apple EPS 1&4 hour Chart -

1 hour AAPL
The numbers are in... and they were good.. The market gods scared everyone into puts.. now the question is will these holders get crushed tomorrow or will Apple get faded off the open? 

Chances are if the tape is firm into the open tomorrow the indexes will fly. Nasdaq already up 31 handles. 

- APPLE 2Q REV. $39.19B, EST. $36.87B
- APPLE 2Q EPS $12.30, EST. $10.02

4 hour AAPL - notice the 550 level
- APPLE SEES 3Q REV. ABOUT $34B, EST. $37.49
- APPLE SEES 3Q EPS ABOUT $8.68, EST. $9.96 

Post Apple EPS Nasdaq and S&P charts

Previous charts here - S&P 500 futures surged over 1375 from 1368 as apple jumped to 598 in after market trading... the nasdaq is up 33 handles to 2665.
30 min ES ( notice how the up-trending green line was a magnet.. now it is resistance/could turn support
5 min NQ futures- the price consolidated into an APEX.. the BOOM. break out..

PRE Apple EPS S&P 500 and Nasdaq Charts -

The ES held up fairly well throughout the session... 1363's were tricky but they held.. now 1365 support with 1371 resistance.
5 min ES
As for the nasdaq.. a small break out over 2635 ensued as the cash market closed...if apple performs well we could see 2650.. if not 2620 or below.... BIDU already dropped 10.... NFLX already factored in from this morning... the ball is in apple's court. 

Also if you want to chat through Apple earnings away from twitter check out this Forum
5 min NQ - notice the break over 2635

US futures Gain ahead of New home& consumer confidence data

both released at 10 am... the S&P 500 still has 1370 in it's sights with a 1374 target if 1370 trades with conviction. below 1368 we have 1365 as support down to 1360-1355. Commodity markets are telling us risk on today. so far that is... lots of 10 am numbers today...
5 min ES
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Oil and S&P's Pinching this morning

pinching over resistance...
15 min ES (1370+ conversion in progress)
5 min CL
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Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday Evening Crude Chart - inverse H&S - 102 head

Following today's wild range and failure of 103.20 alluding to 102.82 crude is back to the 103.20 scene of the crime.. Risk on was the theme into the close. If CL can take out resistance 104 easy target for tonight. we covered the down and up move extensively on the twitter alternative of trade for 
5 min CL .. Easy to see inverse H&S
30 min CL .. notice the bullish move off the 102 level "V pinch"

4 hour ES update - 1340 followed 1350

4 hour ES_F - notice 1340 level @ dotted vertical line

IF 1350 trades and fails... 1340 is next line of defense.. this slow grind down today is the type which can grind you up.. best to step back and let the meat grinder mill pink slime while you wait.

Below is the NQ.. all major supports taken out.. 2630 is lowest level since first week of March.. below 2630 means we test 260.. the 'big' break out level which was the index was carried on the back of apple from 500 to 644.   
connect with Sellputs here.
5 min NQ

5 & 30 Min S&P Future Charts

Post failure of 1370 played out as described below...1360 still the line in sand.. below 1355-1350
current ES chart below - check out Trade for -
5 min ES
1372 failed which triggered a test of 1370 support.. failed into 1366's.  if 1366's fail.. we could flash into the1360 line in sand... gold had a long tail after copper sold down 1.3 percent.. some desks doing some business.. no major economic reports scheduled in the US for tomorrow.

5 min ES

30 min ES

Gold falling out of bed this morning

China .. moving the tape.. euro weak.. yen moving.. copper down 1.3 ... nasdaq lead the equity weakness.. Live chat - Trade For Profi.t
GC daily continuos 
15 min gold

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Daily look at Caterpillar

still above the yearly uptrend.. though a set of lower highs within the triangle maybe indicate a downward pivot into the 102 could be on the docket in the coming week.. If the price can move back over 110, buyers could take control of CAT's tape.

daily CAT

Friday, April 20, 2012

C'rapple chart - under 567 we have problems

into 500.
4 hour - notice the 500 level under the line @ 567
5 min . Friday.. notice the similar pattern to thursday..

4 hour Crude update

interesting price action this morning as the USD drops to its lowest level in a week, 79.33.

105-106.... could be met if type of momentum keeps up.. though CL has moved quiet a bit in the last hour....consolidation and or a reactionary move might be up next as cash opens.

4 hour CL 

Friday Morning Crude Chart

Chart update post break of 103.60.. alluded to 104.28.

5 min CL
Bullish commodity movement this morning with the Euro higher after positive Germany confidence data.. copper, gold and oil all are higher.. Crude is taking out 103.60 resistance.. perhaps 104 is on deck in short order.
5 min CL

Crude This Morning

4 hour zoom may CL 
still moderately bullish trend... if price remains over green line?
30 min - may

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Apple 30 min chart update -

Another day of uncharacteristic weakness. down 20.90 points today...... more rotation? Perhaps into MSFT and GOOG? 

both stocks held firm today. MSFT beat EPS and tagged 32 in after hours trading.  

In the chart below you can see the 620 test fail and Apples price roll over into 590 level.. if the momentum continues on the downside tomorrow 570 could be tested which was the ledge where pre market lows of 567.5 were tested tuesday morning before the squeeze which alluded to 620.. 
AAPL 30 min 

Microsft Beats estimates shares rise into 32

MSFT - for Q3 EPS - $0.60 per share on $17.41 billion in sales. 
back on 2/16 we highlighted bullish volume over the 31 level. 
daily MSFT
1 hour MSFT. notice the break out/rising triangle @31.6

Trade For Profit Beta Launch Friday

If you missed intra day analysis on Twitter you will be able to follow his intra day thoughts via 

Google held firm over @ 600 as Apple buckled

1 min AAPL
another day of huge ranges for no real reason but the fact apple is not holding firm. I highlighted in my chat earlier apple looked heavy over 595. sure enough it failed into 584, very simple set up.

Goog 5 min

Shares of google pegged 600 though did not fail, if you remember yesterday i mentioned it felt like google was a bit more resilient than apple given their nearly identical share prices.

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