Monday, June 21, 2010

Eric Bolling Talks To Benzinga Before Launch Of New Show: Money Rocks

Eric Bolling, formerly of CNBC's Fast Money and currently host of Fox Business Network's Happy Hour, came on our podcast to promote hisnew show, Money Rocks, which premiers Monday, June 21st at 8 PM EST on Fox Business Network.
This interview is also available as an episode of the Benzinga Podcast. You can download this episode by subscribing to the Benzinga Podcast in iTunes

Monday, June 7, 2010

EOG Resources Ordered To Halt All Drilling Activities in PA (EOG)

It is not looking good after last weeks blow out, a lot of carelessness in the industry which is ruining it for most participants whom do take care. This directly from the Common Wealth of Pennsylvania  Dept. of Environmental  DEP

Orders EOG Resources to Halt All Natural Gas Drilling Activities in PA

HARRISBURG -- The Department of Environmental Protection today ordered EOG Resources Inc. to suspend its natural gas well drilling activities in Pennsylvania after a June 3 blowout at one of the company’s Clearfield County wells sent natural gas and at least 35,000 gallons of drilling wastewater into the sky and over the ground for 16 hours.
DEP Secretary John Hanger said that while the order bans all drilling and hydrofracturing, or fracking, operations for specified periods of time, the suspension will remain in effect until DEP has completed a comprehensive investigation into the leak and the company has implemented any needed changes.

“DEP staff, along with an independent expert, will conduct a detailed investigation of not just the incident that occurred last week in Clearfield County, but of EOG Resources’ drilling operations, as a whole, here in Pennsylvania,” said Hanger. “The Clearfield County incident presented a serious threat to life and property. We are working with the company to review its Pennsylvania drilling operations fully from beginning to end to ensure an incident of this nature does not happen again.”

Quicksilver Resources Inc (KWK) Pipline Explosion

Update: it appears a telephone pole post drilling crew struck the line. 

It appears there has been a natural gas well blow out in Johnson County TX, six people have been injured. The news coming out of the energy sector has been quiet gloomy lately wouldn't you say? you get the BP spill, a fracking explosion and now this...


JOHNSON COUNTY -- Residents are reporting an explosion in Johnson County near the town of Bono, and television reports are saying that six people are injured. The source and exact location were not immediately clear. But residents in Pecan Plantation, a private golf community in Granbury, reported hearing a loud, startling explosion around 2:30 p.m.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Marcellus Shale Explosion, EOG Resources (EOG)

Another major blow out, spewing natural gas mixed with water from fracking operations. Apparently the FAA has restricted the airspace over the well. The well has been capped though the incident is just another tarnish on the industry's luster.
from EOG:

"The event at the well site could have been a catastrophic incident that endangered life and property. This was not a minor accident, but a serious incident that will be fully investigated by this agency with the appropriate and necessary actions taken quickly."

OG Resources, formerly known as Enron Oil & Gas Co., operates approximately 265 active wells in Pennsylvania, 117 of which are in the Marcellus Shale formation.

Full Release here

The Pool Is Closed, The Jobs Are Gone & Money Is Free (BP)

So here we are again, the market is giving us sell signals day in and day out, CNBC is still bullish, michelle caruso-cabrera still thinks everyone has jobs and Kernan has his head so far up Carl Quintanilla's ass he has forgotten every one of his viewers is holding a huge bag of Baboon shit. And as for the pool, (the Gulf) it is closed due to a strange amount of hydrocarbons floating on the surface. I think BP might have something do to with it, im not sure.

All kidding aside the perfect storm is starting to materialize on the horizon, the puzzle pieces have started to fit together and its not just, traders and market professionals who believe the mainstream joe 6 pack is starting to get nauseated over the bag of shit he bought around 11k. 

With the Jobs number today whatever "hope" is left from benny boy's market wide psychological manipulation will probably be gone by the close. Lets get this party started and drop this thing so the skeletons can come out of the closet, the lies and the deception needs to stop because the cat is out of the bag. until next time..

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