Thursday, September 13, 2012

Jeffrey Gundlach Says: Stocks Won't Repeat Lost Decade

Gundlach is very intelligent and calmly spoken. his points on buying bonds just for capital appreciation leaves one open to missing out on other opportunities such as buying Facebook and selling it every time it goes up 4 percent. Of course this is just one example of what one could do, but it should tell you how these guys are indeed doing business in the stocks many of us love to hate. And its not "dumb  money" either.        Thinking outside the box is what puts profits in your pockets.

"natural gas is up 50% from when we last talked" - Gundlach

"I only buy facebook to trade it, just to prove a point that it is more rewarding than playing around in treasury bonds. Thats it." Gundlach 

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