Saturday, November 27, 2010

Friday After Hours S&P500 Dump Foreshadowing Monday? (SPX)

ES_F 1 min last 30 min trading friday
Foreshadowing something to come Monday is what i am thinking... We have the Korean peninsula is about to go nuclear with China stepping in (could be a good thing). Ireland is protesting a bailout and all the major hedge funds are being subpoenaed.. These guys are gonnna cash the FUCK OUT if they think more regulators are gonna be up their asses...... And the Euro is still getting demolished. DOLLAR STILL UP GOLD UP all fear FEAR ... All these fears seems to be culminating into an event just as the peak of bullishness over the past year has come to a tipping point.

Notice my previous charts (search my blog on left) on pivot points, they are real and psychological levels. The way the stock market moves is not arbitrary and believe it or not has a lot more to do with the emotion of the crowd somehow influencing macro events around the world which in turn affect asset prices..

Commodities have been on fire, though how far can they go
when a box of cereal is 6 dollars and bread is 5 bucks a loaf for the shitty store brand that falls apart when you spread soft butter on them? Our recovery cannot be supported with Oil continuing higher over 90$ a bbl with demand still flat to down for gasoline and distilets.. There are so many issues CNBC and other mainstream paper media sources which are being overlooked i feel its my duty as well as Zerohedge to be a voice of reason. Im not saying the world is going to end but we need to fix this damn thing before what we have known as our world the past 100 years is over.

Back to the title of the post. IF you were at your machine Friday afternoon after the early close you would have noticed massive size and selling in the ES front month contract. From the pits i heard there were simply no one to take the other side of the trade and i personally believe with all the issues i mentioned above coming to the top of the froth people are positioning themselves for something to happen.The volume yesterday in the SPY was lower then xmas eve of 2009, also the market was red on a historically very green day.

VIX last hour or so friday 1 min
The ES_F sold from 1190 to 1183 in minutes..... the VIX as you can see below rocketed to 22.22 UP 13% on the DAY!!!! Clearly things were happening and they did not want to general public to get alarmed ahead of this weekend. Remember those in the know get to the party early and leave before the party is over heading to the next party....ZeroHedge's take

Be careful Monday, I will update tomorrow... though do you research tonight...

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