Friday, October 22, 2010

I Am Saying This Once, NFLX Is The Next Crox (NFLX)

9/29/2011 chart

original chart from 10/22/2010

I might be wrong but after reading the report over at my pal's site Hedge Analyst coupled with ZeroHedge's post on NFLX's outage paints a very interesting picture for the wall street darling. Not gonna lie i did play the upside in NFLX post earnings, though this was based on the bullshit this market creates not fundamentals.

You gotta take this market down to you terminal and trade, fuck the opinions. And yes iv been known to have a bearish opinion, some people think it gets in the way of my writing but i really do not care, this blog is my personal opinion. My opinion can be different from a day trade, day trading is numbers not opinions.

I am a trader, i trade it up. THOUGH stocks such as NFLX which have so much riding on their asses are
houses of cards which a mouse fart could send the entire house crashing to earth quicker than a lead nugget in a pool filled with soap bubbles. The cost of NFLX content is massive, their server cost coupled with cost of postage cuts into their value.. what is it book value? 3 bucks? 2 bucks? 75 cents?  who the hell knows... what i do know is 100 shares moves this thing 50 cents, and for some damn reason NFLX trades lockstep with the S&P's hmmm...

Remember what happened with CROX? Share holders got wind CROX was blowing smoke about inventory builds, this sent the stock crashing like a indy car into turn 1. Very similar share structure to NFLX, very thin with heavy options interest and has all the media and coverage it can take.. If it is to good to be true maybe it is not true? Read the reports i link to above, draw your own conclusions. I am buying December 80 puts, bidding for a penny. Good luck.

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