Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday Evening Looks @ S&P500 Futures post Iranian Plot To Assassinante the US Saudi Arabian Ambassador

15 min ES 

Chop Chop said the suey master... hard to believe the market's were red today despite the US Saudi ambassador assassination plot by Iran. Which as you know are always bullish for equities. Anyway the dollar saw some buyers as the us equities session opened 10 points in the red but of course was DX gains were faded as the ES pushed over 1190. The war is between 6E and DX. 

Post open we saw a stop run from 1182 up to 1188 then once again the ever present speculative buyers stepped in pushing the ES up to the 1190 level. Of course this move higher was bolstered by Apple pushing over 400 due to "record' advance orders of the Iphone 4S. Anyway overhead resistance which has yet to be tested is 1200 which you can bet will be tested. Downside support is 1180. 

Volume today was fairly tepid which is interesting because yesterday we saw fixed income markets closed due to the absolutely pointless holiday called Columbus day.. Remember Indians of course were here first.. though they were not indians because Columbus did not land in southeast Asia he landed in North America.