Monday, October 31, 2011

Post Close Charts & Musings (SPX)

Today turned out to be quite and eventful day, from the MF global blow out to the Bank of Japan intervention to devalue the JPY against the dollar.. because Japan is indeed and exporting nation.

Beyond the news id like everyone to focus level at which the intervention took place in regards to the ES_F. All the powers to be understand the correlations of our markets and ill be damned if they did not pre meditate this "intervention".

The meditation was hit his market where it will cause the most ruckus, that was via dollar. Arb desks blew their positions out and MF  global happened to go bankrupt. There are no coincidences. Just keep in mind technical levels in the marked do line up with unforeseen events. The market is seemingly random and indeed it is when the game is not

We have been overbought and the market was looking for a reason to sell. this MF news and the intervention helped knock it down.. but the REAL money was adding shorts all the way up over 1250 and placing testers.. It pays to be at the party before the party starts.... The over 250k mini's in the last 5 min of the day was massive. 

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