Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pre State of The Union Address Correlation Update (GLD)

GC_F, Euro/Usd/ES_F/DX_F
Well all know our fearless leader will be addressing the nation tonight, you can watch it here if you do not have a TV available and are stuck on your computer. Most of these speeches are nothing but fluff and really do nothing for anyone BUT the companies which are in the sectors of business the president mentions. We all know he is going to speak about clean energy and energy prices as well as the current stock market rally.

CLNE was a stock today which got a push higher because of rumors Obama would speak about clean energy during his speech, thus a rumor went around; now pro

ven fact T. Boone Pickens is going to be on Squawk box tomorrow AM discussing the business.
As for the correlations you can see the EURO/USD is closely connected to the chart of gold. though
inversely correlated, which is inverse the historical relationship between the two . The US dollar is trailing down as well as its euro cross, you would expect S&P futures to be bidding off this or moving at all for that matter which they are not. The calm before the storm i like to think of it.....ES_F over 1288 could bring in momentum chasers into the speech...

The US dollar needs to stay above the 78 level to keep GOLD and Equities from racing into 1300 on jubilance and hopium. Though it looks like this is going to happen very soon, either tonight or by the end of this week.