Monday, January 24, 2011

Late Night S&P500 Futures Update (SPY)

ES_F 15 min
I'll admit i have been slacking in the late night update category though lets be honest what has changed besides Regis Philbin leaving day time TV and Oprah launching her own network? Exactly, nothing new.... this market backfills and pushes highs and back fills and pushes highs dragging momentum and beta stocks along for the sloppy sluggish ride.

Tonight we have quite a few assets perched on levels which garner a lot of traders attention including; gold, dollar, euro and equity futures.

As for gold the 1330 level was briefly breached this evening before she was pushed back above, though still the asset's short term fate is hanging by a thread. US dollar futures are on daily resistance turned support of 77.50 all while the
eur/usd marches higher towards the 1.38ish level unimpeded. Perhaps a gold break down and a dollar super ball bounce will throw a cog in the wheel of perpetual upside momentum? Who knows...

Trade what you see and not what you think.. What i see is ES_F pushing 1289 and spot gold holding stable above support. The trade most people are betting on is a continued equity move higher into tomorrow and a continuation in the euro/usd's upward trend... I for one could not care less what happens, i just want this damn market to move around, we have done nothing but make meager new highs on lower and lower volume the past few months.

Like i said over two years ago, the volume is not coming back... and so far it has not.....

Upside ES_F levels 1290 and 1295.. downside 1285... chances are we will trade in between these levels without much fan fair unless a catalyst comes into the picture.