Saturday, January 8, 2011

Over Fishing Has Ended? To Bad For Lake Michigan...

In a recent article by the AP a scientist from the University of South Florida stated overfishing is basically a thing of the past and for the first time in decades commercial fisherman are not over fishing. 

A scientist named  Steve Murawski stated

"As far as we know, we've hit the right levels, which is a milestone." 

The levels he speaks of date back to fishery sizes dating back to 1900. This sounds like good news, though from my experience fishing in the keys most of the coral are dead and sport fishing is all but very un fulfilling. 
( writes) "I honestly think that's true, and that's why I think it's a newsworthy event," said Murawski, now a professor at the University
of South Florida.
But fishermen and their advocates say ending overfishing came at an unnecessarily high cost. Dave Marciano fished out of Gloucester, an hour's drive northeast of Boston, for three decades until he was forced to sell his fishing permit in June. He said the new system made it too costly to catch enough fish to stay in business."
To bad lake Michigan commercial fishing is all but dead...Perch, Whitefish, as well as Salmon populations are all but gone. Zebra mussels are also made Lake Michigan water crystal clear...