Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A look at the VIX - 15min and Daily chart-

15 min VIX. post spike 
VIX has popped here in the minutes before FOMC some 8 percent into 16.02. Some big player is buying puts.
15 min VIX

Yesterday with the VIX down as much as it was... it was screaming risk on. Well, today. we have risk on. NQ up over 1 percent.

VIX broke below the 15 level for first time in 5 years, interesting indeed, the bounce off 13.99 lows is ever more interesting, but this pattern has repeated itself. (chart on left)

The historical VIX's rise started in January of 2008, from that point on VIX has trended higher and maintained the 15 level. today the table turned.