Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Late Night S&P500 Futures Update (SPY)

ES_F  5 min
Not much to report on tonight besides the swan dive the S&P minis took off 1265 down to 1260 then bounced up three or so handles.

This move was in corredination with a solid down move in gold off the 1383 level and up move in as the DX futures opened trading up to the 79.88 level before giving back a bit. Remember the 80 level is as key support/resistance level in the dollar index.

levels to watch for tomorrow are 1260 and 1257 on the downside, upside we touched highs yesterday of 1272.5, we could go higher or lower. I feel if the commodities keep rolling which i doubt they will for
the next few days as consolidation will take place after a 45 point down move in spot gold and the same move percentage wise across all heavy metals.

GC_F 1 min 
Tomorrows calendar is going to be dominated by ADP employment numbers, ISM and some other bullshit CNBC will spin like a dradle.

Jan 05 07:00 MBA Mortgage Purchase Index 12/31 NA NA -18.6%
Jan 05 07:30 Challenger Job Cuts Dec NA NA -3.3%
Jan 05 08:15 ADP Employment Change Dec 120K 100K 93K
Jan 05 10:00 ISM Services Dec 56.0 55.7 55.0
Jan 05 10:30 Crude Inventories 01/01 NA NA -1.26M