Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pre Market Look at the S&P Futures -

5 min ES
The Dow Jones industrial average closed over the 13,000 level Tuesday for the first time since summer of 2008, though profit taking ahead of US cash session open indicates a open below 13,000.

The S&P and Nasdaq futures are indicating a slightly higher open (+.15%) this morning as the ECB promised more liquidity to their members. 

More specifically the ECB will lend 800 financial institutions 529.5 billion euros ($712 billion) over a there year period.

In reaction to the ECB liquidity injection Eurodollar futures are slightly down to the 1.344 level after a roller coaster overnight session with a high being 1.3487. The DAX and the CAC both rose half a percent in European trading, Asian exchanges are also green in reaction to US and European futures.

5 min NQ 
Commodity markets showed risk is bid once again overnight following the equity index's lead, with crude oil futures regaining quite a bit of ground lost yesterday afternoon; trading as high as 107.40 before relenting a bit.

Both gold and silver reacted to the ECB news, whipsawing up and down; gold rallied into 1792.2 before finding footing around the 1788 level.

Federal reserve chairman Ben Bernanke will deliver a semi-annual testimony on monetary policy and the outlook for the US economy today from Washington. Mr. Bernanke's testimony is sure to inject a bit of volatility into the index's based on past testimony's from the reserve chairman. 

In stock specific news, Apple computers is trading in the pre market at a new all time as high of 541 in anticipation of the iPad 3 launch. First Solar, maker of solar panels shares are down 7% to 33.60 as the company reported less than stellar results yesterday after the bell.