Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Late Afternoon S&P Futures Note

5 min ES
Higher prices is the theme this afternoon as the nasdaq made a new 11 year high of 2494.25 without apple or amzn's participation mind you. As for the S&P's i mentioned in my morning note over 1320 would mean 1325. 1320 traded and shortly after 1325 and up to 1327 traded.  The index's have run out of steam a bit up here and may test 1320 by the close if 1323 does not hold firm.

As for oil, another large range today with lower prices being explored sub 98 with 97.28 being the low for the week so far.

Treasury's are down a bit on the day though are still up on the week, as you remember yesterday we saw quite a bit of strength in the 30 year.  currently TLT is sitting on daily support around 118.90.