Friday, January 20, 2012

January OPEX S&P500 Futures Note

5 min ES
We have failed to break over yesterdays high of 1311.5 though 1311 did see a few test in the early morning hours as asia and europe duked it out. As for OPEX most stocks are flat or at max pain. There is a few individual momo stocks such as CREE which are moving though the big board names are not playing nice in the eyes of traders today looking for some vol. I guess GOOG really spoiled the party last night... 

the line in the sane for today in the ES is 1305, you can see how the uptrending support line from two days ago converges with today's support. If the channeling pattern which indeed is sloping downwards continues 1305 could fail. I welcome a re test of 1300, but i welcome anything today to shock the markets into moving... 

VIX below 19 .
5min CL 
VIX 5 min