Friday, January 4, 2013

A look back at a Weekly $ES_F chart from December 10th | $ES_F

Daily ES_F
 In previous post by we discussed the spooz bullish inverse formation and a right shoulder being carved out... the right shoulder ended up holding as the cliff deal was positively sealed.

 So for today we broke over 1360 in ES which is over the 9/14 ledge high which eventually took us down to 1333.25 forming the head of the inverse H&S we popped out of today.
Over the 1433 means the right shoulder breaks upward with a eventual conversion goal into 1468 with 1480 being a target.. this level coincides with the up-trendline (purple dotted) from 1262 extended upward into time. 
December 10th chart of ES 
under 1450 we could shoot the gap into 1430 .. over 68's we are into fresh meat.

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