Thursday, December 29, 2011

Late Day S&P500 Futures Chart (SPY)

As the dollar fell off of highs of 80.31 this morning and the rest is history............Same prices .. different day. Yesterday's selling from cash open on has been retraced today on half the volume. Strong market? eh Or just a market which gets ramped at any opportunity of a thin market?

From a low 1244.25 at 3 am in the morning to the high of 1258.50 this afternoon...

Dollar fell off of highs of 80.31 this morning around 6 am as the ES sat on 1246.. from that point on the DX slid and the ES rose as well as Gold... at one point gold was down 32 points only to retrace 50% of it's losses as the euro crawled back into bed after fallout clear under 1.30 mid day yesterday.

Crude.. mean reversion.. opened around 99.70 traded down below 98.50 only to close back at 99.70 .  It sure looks like it wants to move higher after it took hours for 99.26 to break.. when it did it only lasted a few hours.

5 min CL