Thursday, December 2, 2010

Nighthawks - Edward Hopper (FAZ)

1942 Edward Hopper painting Nighthawks
I am a nighthawk and it pays off.......Sometimes i feel like the career of trading consumes your mind in a never ending perpetual machine which will never end... and it wont... yet..  I am sure many traders spend more time in their computer chairs then bed..... The above painting parallels the traders life.

So far the futures are holding 1219.50 .. remember i shorted 1219.25s before the close.... 1221s failed after much probing. Look for a day tomorrow dictated by the economic indicators in the morning, the overnight markets have been fairly quiet. Metals all in hush mode, desks are quiet. 1125 upside line in sand closer to AM...... 1210 and 2203 bottom lines of sand...

Keep it tight... and i mean stops if you play in the momo....

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