Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Are Markets Increasingly Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks? | $SPX

FBN’s Dennis Kneale on growing concerns that cyber attacks on social media such as Twitter could hurt the markets.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Introducing the Trade for Profit 'PCR strategy' . The pink, cyan & red are revealed.

Ever wondered what the colored lines our charts represent? Now you know.

Trade for Profit's PCR Strategy is designed to compliment your pre-existing trading system/plan by creating a context around price which helps to eliminate much of the randomness of entry and exits .

The system works on any futures contract or index, if trading options, by employing a simple set of rules designed to give the trader visual cues for when to enter and exit regardless of time frame.

The system works best for those traders with a more than basic understanding of the futures market & it subsequent dynamics and is not designed for those who are beginning traders with little to no experience implementing a strategy.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Lloyd Blankfein on Goldman: "firm is committed to growing in China.."

Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein sat down with Bloomberg TV anchor Erik Schatzker at the company's annual meeting in Salt Lake City. Blankfein said that the firm is committed to growing in China even after it ended a seven-year investment in ICBC:  
"ICBC is not the key to our interest in China, or the big reflection of it. We're investing in China because China -- I was going to say it's the future, but it's a big part of the present as well."  
Blankfein said he is surprised by the lack of mergers and acquisitions this year:  
“In the big transaction and M&A set, it’s still a very quiet, surprisingly quiet market…For a market in which interest rates are fairly low, rising equity prices, and as much liquidity as we know exists, deal flow is unusually low for the part of the cycle that we’re in.”

Friday, May 17, 2013

The Trade for Profit Morning Letter for Friday May 17, 2013

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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Philly Fed Pres. Charles Plosser on QE: "we've dug ourselves a very large hole"

Charles Plosser, president of the Philadelphia Federal Reserve Bank, told Tom Keene and Sara Eisen on "Bloomberg Surveillance" today that..
"we've dug ourselves a very large hole" and that "when I've weighed the costs and benefits of this [quantitative easing] policy, I've decided that the costs outweigh the benefits."
Plosser also said that it is..
 "disturbing" to him that "more and more is being expected of central banks." He said, "We are expected to solve all the world's problems. Our fiscal authorities are not doing a very good job in any country."

Monday, May 6, 2013

David Zervos on QE: is "the greatest monetary policy experiment of our lifetime.."

David Zervos, head of global fixed income at Jefferies, told Bloomberg TV's Erik Schatzker and Sara Eisen on "Market Makers" today that the Federal Reserve's QE program is:

 "the greatest monetary policy experiment of our lifetime and I do not think that anyone is smart enough, me, any central banker up there" to figure out how to properly exit.

Zervos said, "I am not criticizing them, I just do not think that we know how to handle this when we need to handle it. We have never done it before and it will be a messy process."

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