Thursday, April 18, 2013

TFP market summary for Thursday April 18, 2013 $SPX

15 min ES
The green red pattern was defeated today as the SPX closed lower by 10.40 points or 0.67% marking a 63 point drop from the all time high achieved this past thursday at 1593.35. 

The declines today came after the futures greeted traders with green paint this morning only to fade as the 30 year surged from 146.26 to 148'14 crushing the ES into 1530.75, which the low happend to coincide with AAPL printing 489.74. 

5 min ES zoom
Currently the ES futures are higher by 5.50 points to 1539.50 with 1540.25 being the resistance we are watching for pinch over into 1541.25 cyan 5 min resistance, over = 144-45 with overhead resistance clear up at 1548.25 for a full reversal potential, but lets not get ahead of ourselves. 

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