Saturday, November 26, 2011

Weekend S&P Futures Look

5 min ES 
1145 is the flash point ... 1147.5s held for the friday low.. The sell off into the close was a bit unexpected though has been known to happen on days where the index's are carried higher in a bad tape.

These melt up's create great set ups for a fundie or three to open shorts into... and then cover 20 handles later.

1170 - 1145 is the range to watch for sunday open... above 1165-1170 we could see a nice bounce.. under 1150 we could see more red and a probe of lows..... August lows are not to far away...

1 min CL/ES

* worth noting ---- Funny how crude moved in the exact opposite direction of the index's into the 30 min of trading...