Black Friday $ES_F Musings "retail jubilation"- $ES_F $GC_F $CL_F

15 min ES
Not much to say other than the risk complex moved higher as a whole Friday amid ‘positive early retail sales’ jubilation. Gold the most curious mover adding 23 points to reside over 1750. 
Oil added 1.02 percent to break over 88 resistance after breaking up over the 5 min downtrend from thursday at 87.25.

The ES 1400 now is support with 1405 being the ledge for profit taking into 1400 come Sunday.

The 30 bond future is on the ledge @ 150’1 .. below could see a pull back into 148 perhaps.  Ball is in the court of buyers, just gotta see how far they can push it come sunday/monday when full participation returns.
4 hour GC_F – note arrow @ 1750 break out

15 min CL .. note the pinch @ 87.25 

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